At our restaurant in "JOSAIEN" near Kumamoto Castle, enjoy our special sea food dishes such as "Zukedon set meal"(bowl of Sashimi and rice, etc), and "Unikoro set meal"(special plate with urchin croquette, Sashimi, etc) and more!

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To go / Souvenirs

At our shop next to the restaurant, you will find special souvenirs which you can only get here, at Kaimaru. You can also have "Unikoro"(urchin croquette) to go and enjoy exploring JOSAIEN!

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Address 860-0008
1-1-2 Ninomaru chuo-ku Kumamoto city(Kumamoto Castle JOSAIEN)
Tel 096-319-5073
Hours 11:00-15:00(14:30 OS)
17:00-21:00(20:00 OS)

KAIMARU is located in "JOSAIEN" near Kumamoto Castle.
40min drive from Aso Kumamoto Airport.15min drive from Kumamoto Station. A toll parking lot allows 50 vehicles.